Educational Adventures for experienced Snowboarders and Skiers

We take the guesswork out of Progression by mapping out a path for it. Every event is pre-loaded with a set of skill-based goals that we pair with real world adventures, expanding what you know, and where you can go, with confidence and style.

North America

From California to Colorado, we’re building adventures that connect good people to great mountains. From freeriding the steeps at Snowbasin, to slashing the summer pipe at Mt. Hood, our multi resort sessions highlight the best a region has to offer. Only have a couple days? Join us in Tahoe for a two day skills workshop.


Join the team at Progression Sessions for a journey into the heart of Japan where powder is King and style is Queen. This small country is host to 500+ resorts offering; parks of all sizes, perfect groomers, steep open bowls, untapped trees, and ultimately endless possibilities for self-expression and fun!

South America

Join Progression Sessions for a deep dive into the Latin world of freeriding. The Southern Andes are host to some of the most unique lines on the planet; open treeless slopes with snowy contours shaped by the wind, giant vistas that simply can’t be caught on camera, and people who’s hearts are as grand as the mountains they live in!

Upcoming Events

  • March 2024 Palisades Tahoe – Snowboard Boot Camp “Fundamentals for all”

    2 Days
    Availability : March 14 - 15

    We take your riding down to it’s foundation, then build you back up. So your body, board, and brain can work in harmony, for a season full of balanced progression in any environment.

    If you have never taken a proper lesson, your performance is plateauing, or you simply want to understand snowboarding with more clarity, this workshop is for you.

    Designed for intermediate to advanced SNOWBOARDERS,


  • March 2024 Boreal – Freestyle 2.0 “Style and Flow”

    2 Days
    Availability : March 17 - 18

    This workshop is designed to take your freestyle game to the next level! Through a wholistic approach to skill building (on snow and in the Wood Ward bunker) Our experienced coaches will push your mental game as much as your physical performance to ensure you are progressing with style and confidence.


    Designed for advanced SNOWBOARDERS with previous park experience.

  • March 2024 Palisades Tahoe – Freestyle 1.0 “Fundamentals and Safety”

    2 Days
    Availability : March 25 - 26

    Join us for two full days of freestyle progression. This workshop dives into the dynamic relationships between body movement, board performance, and physics, so you can enjoy balanced thoughtful progression in the Terrain Park.

    Designed for intermediate to advanced SNOWBOARDERS. No previous park experience required.

  • April 2024 Palisades Tahoe – Spring Fling “A Social Shred”

    2 Days
    Availability : April 11-12

    The best part of Progression Sessions is YOU! In this workshop our focus is community, over the course of 2 full days we’ll host a variety of clinics to inspire snowboarders at every level in any environment.

    Designed for intermediate to expert SNOWBOARDERS who can confidently ride blue groomed terrain.

  • May 2024 Timberline – Snowboard “All Mountain Fundamentals”

    6 Days 5 Nights
    Availability : May 4 - 9

    A deep dive into the skills that great snowboarding is built on.

    In this session we examine the relationship between body movement and snowboard performance. Through a variety of tasks ranging from dynamic carving, to short turns, and basic freestyle, you’ll discover techniques for maintaining balance while exploring the limits of your equipment.

    Designed for intermediate to advanced SNOWBOARDERS.

  • May 2024 Timberline “New Snowboard Instructor Course”

    8 Days 7 Nights
    Availability : May 11 - 18

    Have you ever considered passing on your passion for snowboarding? This 8 day course hosted by industry professionals, is designed to teach you all you’ll need to know to go from enthusiast to certified instructor. This session is fully inclusive of lodging, meals, transportation, and support every step of the way!


  • May 2024 Timberline “Snowboard Coach’s Camp”

    6 Days 5 Nights
    Availability : May 22 - 27

    Join us this May for our annual “Snowboard Coach’s Camp”. This event is designed specifically for dedicated instructors and coaches to get together and share what they know, while gaining insight on new ways to push their personal best in Teaching, Riding, and Professionalism.


  • June 2024 Timberline “Park, Pipe, Pow, Progression”

    7 Days 6 Nights
    Availability : June 16 - 22

    Join us for a summer solstice adventure like no other to Mt Hood Oregon; This session is all about you, your goals, and creating a clear path for your progression; With wide open groomers, off-piste lines, and the best parks on the planet, we’ll literally be able to shred it all!

    Open to intermediate to expert snowboarders,

  • June 2024 Timberline “Performance Park”

    7 Days 6 Nights
    Availability : June 24 - 30

    Join the team at Progression Sessions for a freestyle adventure to Mt Hood Oregon the North America mecca for summer snow; slushy soft jumps, jibs of all sizes and the best coaches on the planet world class parks make this best destination for freestyle progression.

    Open to advanced snowboarders – park experience preferred –

Progression Sessions Snowboard and Ski Adventures and Coaching

Pursue your passion while developing new skills, exploring breathtaking slopes, and forging new friendships! Our world class coaches guide you through dynamic skill progressions, paired with real-world adventures and all-inclusive destination experiences. Whether you’re an amateur looking to expand your skills, or an expert craving adventure, we provide personalized events tailored to your style and skill level. Our workshops are the perfect environment for skill building, self-expression, and priceless memories!


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