Teaching Methodology

As a recreational athlete it’s common to go through the process of “trial and error” to figure out what works. The problem with the T.E. approach is the “Error” which can lead to a lack of confidence or even an injury, making it difficult to stretch your skills. We take the guesswork away from progression by mapping it out for you.

Our sessions start with a pre-determined curriculum, a sequence of skill acquisition that directly correlates to accessing a real-world adventure. We share this with you so you’ll have a clear understanding of how each day’s focus prepares you the following day’s challenges. Once we have a sense of your skills and ambitions we work with you to tailor an educational pathway unique to achieving your long term goals.

We utilize a variety of coaching methods to help you advance your skills; ranging from conventional practices like video review and fundamental drills, to more abstract methods that address motivation and aid in overcoming fear. We keep groups small so you’ll get plenty of personal attention.

We track performance through incremental milestones you create; real-world outcomes like “landing a medium sized jump” or “or riding the zipper line on a black mogul run”. Recognizing when you’ve taken a step forward is crucial, so we help you see the forest through the trees by recording your successes as they relate to your goals. We also note the “where” and “when” so you can better understand the circumstances that fuel your progression.

We ground your achievements by celebrating them, public recognition may seem a little embarrassing but it’s an important step in solidifying what you’ve learned. We end every session with a certificate ceremony, where we give you a detailed written assessment of your performance throughout the session along with some suggestions on what steps to take next. We’ll also provide you with a certificate of completion to serve as a reminder of the investment you made in yourself.

Bottom line… We’re committed to providing educational value that can be measured by the access it creates.


We understand the many risks of mountain adventure, and your well-being is our top priority. As a team we strive to make decisions that avoid unnecessary risks. Each morning we get together to discuss the day’s adventure, review possible hazards, and formulate a plan that doesn’t place you in a situation you can’t manage. However, ultimately safety minded decision making starts and ends with you; and it’s everyone’s responsibility to make safety conscious choices for themselves and the people their with. We arm you with knowledge by providing in depth situational safety education throughout the session, so you’ll understand the risks before embarking on any endeavor, and you’ll have practiced some tactics to manage them.



A Pathway for Progression: (THE TRICK LIST)

An example of one of the many resources we use to chart your Progression.

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