Join the team at Progression Sessions for a deep dive into the heart of Japan. The Japanese Alps are renowned for their abundance of predictably soft snow, but it doesn’t stop there; Japan is host to over 500 unique ski resorts, equaling unrivaled access parks of all sizes, perfect groomers, steep open bowls, untapped trees, and ultimately endless possibilities for self-expression and fun! Our Japan Sessions are designed to push the boundaries of your riding while immersing you in a cultural adventure that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

What’s Included on our Trips to Japan

  • Transportation within the session
  • Comfortable Lodging
  • Professional Coaching
  • Lift Tickets
  • Hosted Breakfasts and Dinners
  • Access to Japanese Demo gear
  • Video review and goal setting Session
  • Edited photos and video
  • Scheduled evening activities and night riding opportunities
  • Session schwag bag and certificate of completion

What to Expect

Japan is known for powder, and when the conditions are right your liable to have the best runs of your life. However, since mother nature chooses sunshine over clouds from time to time we designed our Japan sessions to have a broad focus. We’ll develop your skills in a variety of environments, so you’ll never get bored, or feel like your waiting for better conditions. Since japan has such an abundance of resorts we keep our sessions flexible so we can chase opportunities as they arise.

We ensure a small coach to camper ratio of 4 campers to 1 coach, and we never go beyond 12 campers per session. You’ll enjoy an intimate experience where you’ll receive plenty of individual attention so you can grow as a rider, and small enough groups that you’ll get to know everyone your sharing the adventure with.

So you can focus on the adventure we take care of the details. Our Japan Sessions are inclusive, we pick lodging, meals, and evening activities that highlight the region and its diverse culture. We also host a variety of restorative activities within every session to ensure your body and mind are in prime shape to perform.