Me, You, Us, and Covid

One of our guiding principles at Progression Sessions is “Safety Always”. As such, we strive to make decisions that limit our exposure to unnecessary risk. Landing that next trick is not only about physical and mental preparation and practice, but also about understanding how to assess the external factors that we have no control over. That is why we are optimistically cautious when developing events that bring people together.

We are planning for a season full of progression and fun. We have made some changes to our policies and procedures to better protect ourselves and the communities we operate in.

Covid – Cancellation

We recognize that in light of the COVID-19 pandemic there are extraordinary circumstances to contend with. If you must cancel your trip for ​ANY​ reason the following cancelation policy applies.

  • If you or anyone in you household is diagnosed with covid-19 (doctor’s note required) ​you’ll receive a full refund of any money spent.
  • If travel from your area becomes restricted after placing your reservation, (such has a stay at home order) or a 14 day quarantine is deemed mandatory when you return you may cancel your reservation and receive a full refund of any money spent.
  • If you decide you no longer feel it is safe to travel but none of the above circumstances apply to you our flexible standard cancellation policy goes into effect.
  • If Progression Sessions chooses to postpone or cancel a session/workshop due to travel restrictions or exposure concerns related to COVID, you will have the option to hold your funds on file for a future session, or receive a full refund.

Protecting ourselves and our community

These policies and procedures have been developed not only for the safety of ourselves and our guests, but also for the communities we operate in. Please read through this carefully as these policies and procedures are not suggestions, but rather expectations that must be followed in order for us to operate.

Winter 2021 Workshops

  • We have limited participation for our Workshops to a maximum of 8 campers, and 2 coaches.
  • Off snow video analysis sessions are now digital for all Workshops.
  • All participants including coaches must wear face coverings when social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • All participants including coaches must adhere to all preventative measures put in place by the host ski areas, and local governments.
  • We schedule our sessions/workshops during “off peak” times (i.e no holidays or Saturdays) to limit exposure to crowds.

Winter 2021 Sessions (inclusive of lodging, transportation and meals)

For our all inclusive sessions it is impossible for us to maintain adequate social distance to protect ourselves from each other, therefore we’ve focused on managing risk before we get together, as well as limiting exposure to others once we’re together.

Before the session

  • We’ve redesigned all of  our Sessions to be SMALL no more than 12 participants. .
  • Upon arrival all participants including staff are required to sign an “Affidavit of Health and Assumption of Risk” that attests to the best of their knowledge they are currently healthy and have not knowingly been exposed to anyone carrying the virus.
  • No sooner than 3 Days days before arrival we ask that all participants take a Covid test, and practice maximum caution there after. A negative test result will be required by everyone in order to enter shared lodging.

Durring the session

  • We have changed up our culinary plan to focus on meals we can provide at home, although we may from time to time go to a restaurant for dinner (if heated outdoor seating is available), Breakfasts along with most dinners will be hosted daily at our lodge, lunch supplies will be provided daily as well so you can skip the lodge and take your lunch with you.
  • Masks are required in all indoor public spaces, and outdoors where social distancing from others outside of our group cannot be maintained: Restaurants Patios, Lift Lines, Chair lifts, Lodges, Stores etc. We will have a box of extra masks, so if you lose yours you can grab one of ours.
  • Please refrain from going inside bars and restaurants during the session: except to use the restroom or place your order. (exceptions may be made when we can reserve a spot as a group 6ft away from others)
  • Daily temperature checks and health screening questions before we head to the mountain: Don’t worry we have the technology to do this without touching you.
  • Please clean your hands before entering a shared vehicle or the house: We have hand sanitizer in all shared vehicles.
  • We will disinfect high touch surfaces in house and vehicles daily.
  • We suggest that you keep your personal toiletries out of the bathroom and with your personal effects when you are not using them unless you are sharing them with members of your same household.
  • We suggest that you bring your own unique towel, although towels are available it’s easier to distinguish who’s is who’s when they look different. We will have access to a washer/dryer.

In the event someone has a fever or shows signs of illness: 

We will quarantine them to a bedroom, then set up a test, a staff member will drive them into town both wearing masks, we will wait for results either at the hospital or back at the lodge to quarantine. For the rest of us we’ll follow professional guidance, if necessary, we will drive everyone else the nearest testing center to get tested. If all tests come back negative, then we will return to our regularly scheduled activities. If anyone tests positive, then unfortunately the session is over and at which time we will seek guidance on how to best quarantine. Any money not already spent will be returned if possible.